Digitalisation of government procurement

Objectives for the digitalisation of government procurement:

  • Central government procurement will be carried out correctly, efficiently and economically, while also furthering competition on the market among suppliers.
  • Procurement will be straightforward, standardised and controlled. Ordering will be easy.
  • Contracts will be reviewed as a process from start to finish (from procurement need recognition and competitive tendering all the way to ordering, payment and reporting)
  • The digitalisation of procurement will serve to support the actions of central government as a whole as well as the actions of individual agencies, and will produce savings for them.
  • The automation rate in procurement will increase and the proportion of manual work will decrease.
  • The division of responsibilities in government procurement between the corporate services entities and the agency organisations will be clear and will work well in practice.

The Ministerial working group on the reform of operating practices identified (2 February 2016) digitalisation of central government procurement as one of the digitalisation projects highly suitable for further preparation in the implementation of Prime Minister Sipilä's Government Programme.

The desired position will be achieved by developing the main procurement processes, which are 1) the management and development of procurement, 2) the life-cycle management of contracts, 3) needs to agreement, 4) order to payment, and 5) maintenance and management of information.

The aim of the project for digitalisation of central government procurement is to guide the development measures and implementation projects of the responsible parties overall, enabling development of the purchase-to-payment process and the related information systems, and a significant increase in the automation rate of the process.


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Tero Meltti
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