Education and training services

Education and training services are provided for government organisations by various educational institutions, such as the Police University College, the Emergency Services College, the National Defence University, the Customs Academy, the Border and Coast Guard Academy and the Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services. Their task is to train personnel for government duties and occupations for which training is not arranged elsewhere.

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd is a wholly State-owned limited liability company with the task of providing general personnel training services for the entire central government administration. These kinds of training fields that concern either all or a high proportion of government organisations include general government induction training, leadership training, financial and HR administration training, training in administrative law, training in public speaking and negotiation skills, customer care and quality training, and training in EU affairs. The services offered by HAUS also include a diverse range of open learning, customised training and other agency-specific projects.

HAUS takes part in international training and administrative development projects, such as the European Union's twinning activities. HAUS College arranges occupational and specialist vocational qualifications, which are financed as apprenticeship training by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

HAUS is also a government in-house unit as referred to in the Act on Public Contracts, from which government organisations may acquire services without competitive tendering. Government agencies also arrange training themselves as part of the development of their staff skills and activities, or they may purchase this from training companies outside central government.

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd


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