Hanko project

On 7 August 2014, the Ministry of Finance established a development project on central government procurement, known as the Hanko project. The background to this was a survey carried out in 2013 on the current state of government procurement and the development proposals for government procurement put forward on the basis of this. The project's development stage ended on 29 January 2016. About 30 procurement experts from the ministries, agencies, public bodies and universities took part in the activities of the working group in different development areas. The Ministry of Finance and Hansel Ltd were responsible for leading the project.

The results of the Hanko project were compiled in a final report and presented to staff in charge of procurement at the Government Procurement Day on 9 February 2016. The final report contains guidance, models and analysis tools for developing procurement by the agencies and it also provides guidance in the use of these. They can be used to build a development path for proceeding with procurement.

Implementation of the Hanko project recommendations is continuing during 2016. The principal aim is to improve the effectiveness of the guidance for central government procurement, and to improve productivity within procurement in connection with the digitalisation of procurement, and to ensure that procurement is more systematically carried out.


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