Principles of digitalisation

Government key projectThe digitalisation process in the public sector calls for overall principles that apply to all public services. They are the commonly agreed rules for developing public services.

The principles provide guidelines for information sharing and interfaces, operating models, rapid service devel-opment and preparedness, for example.

The principles of digitalisation were published in February 2016.

Nine principles

The nine principles are the commonly agreed rules for digitalisation in all public administration. They lend support to the leap in productivity, user-orientation and the primarily digital role of public services.

The nine principles of digitalisation are:

- We will provide services based on customers’ needs.

- We will cut unnecessary red tape.

- We will build easy-to-use and secure services.

- We will produce benefits for our customers quickly.

- We will also serve in case of disruptions.

- We will ask for new information only once.

- We will make full use of the  existing public and private online services.

- We will provide open data, open access to information and open interfaces for businesses and citizens.

- We will designate an owner for every service and its implementation.

Concrete measures will be introduced in spring 2016 in order to apply the principles in practice.

Principles of digitalisation explained

Digitalisation principles into practice

Action to help put digitalisation principles into practice was shaped during 2016. A key element of this is, the first service of which is a developer forum for sharing and discussing best practices. Come and share your views and experiences!

Other steps to put digitalisation principles into practice include the assembly of a Digitalisation Handbook (Digitalisoinnin Pelikirja) during spring 2017.

Watch a video of the kick-off event for the Digitalisation Handbook.

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