Digital support and the operating model for digital support

Digital support is important so that all people can be guaranteed the possibility of using digital public services. Digital services make day to day life easier, as you can use the services anywhere and at any time.

Definition for digital support

Digital support is support and assistance in the use of digital communication with authorities, services and smart devices, the purpose of which is to help the customer use smart devices and e-services independently and safely as well as to understand the general principles for digital services.

Digital support comes in many forms. It can include:

  • face-to-face support (e.g. service points, peer support and support at home)

  • remote support (e.g. chat, telephone or video assistance) 
  • training (e.g. online training, adult education centres and videos)

Map available on locations that provide digital guidance

Many different actors provide digital support including for example customer service points shared by numerous authorities, many libraries, organisations and adult education centres, as well as authorities and companies.

The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People's Senior Surf project has published a map app, on which customers can look up many places around Finland that provide guidance on digital services. View the Guidance point map.

Digital support operating model offers assistance to customers

The digital support operating model describes how the availability of digital support can be organised in Finland so that it reaches those people who do not know how or unable to use digital services. 

The operating model is a model built on many actors and strong cooperation. It is a flexible and forms parallel with the development of digital society and it takes into account changes in both the need for digital support and in digital formats.

Roles for digital support operating model:

  • Digital and Population Data Services Agency will support digital support providers and develop digital support nationally. Its role will include for example provision of training for digital support providers and the compilation of good digital support practices. The aim is to develop the conformity and quality of support provided throughout Finland. The Population Register Centre's role will be launched and it will be developed during the regional pilot period.   
  • Counties will hold the role of regional coordinators and developers for digital support. The county will assess the need for regional digital support and put together local network of digital support providers. The aim will be to ensure the availability and accessibility of digital support taking into account regional special characteristics.
  • Both actors will compile and collect information on the realisation and availability of digital support, which will be used in its further development.
  • The Ministry of Finance will further develop the national operating model for digital support, direct the Population Register Centre's activities as a implementing body for digital support and be responsible for any amendments that will need to be made to legislation.

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