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Government discusses plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions and invites all interested parties to comment

Government Communications Department
Publication date 7.4.2021 22.22 | Published in English on 8.4.2021 at 11.10
Press release 217

In its meeting on 7 April, the Government discussed the plan to lift the restrictions and recommendations put in place due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The plan also includes an indicative target schedule.

The purpose of the plan is to give the public, businesses and communities a clear picture of how society will gradually open up. The restrictions will be lifted based on the development of the epidemic. This will be possible if we all comply with the existing restrictions and recommendations.

The Government will continue its work on the draft tomorrow (8 April) with all of the parties in Parliament. The discussion will take place at the House of the Estates at 10.00.

Changes will then be made to the draft based on the discussions. Once the changes have been made, the entire plan and its annexes will be published on the Government website on Friday 9 April. 

At the same time, a week-long consultation and comments round will begin, during which all interested parties will have the opportunity to comment on the plan. 

The Government will provide more information about the plan and the possibility to comment on it at a press briefing. The exact time of the briefing will be announced later. The Government will publish the final plan after examining the feedback received during the consultation and comment round.

Inquiries: Päivi Anttikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 536 4821