Cost and income developments

The Information Committee on Cost and Income Developments prepares financial reports and estimates concerning the national economy and developments in income and expenditure. The Committee also monitors the implementation of labour market agreements and their impacts, with due reference to costs-competitiveness requirements and the functioning of the labour market.

While performing these duties, the Committee keeps track of labour market agreements in other countries and of price-competitiveness in Finland. If necessary, the Government or the Ministerial Committee on Economic Policy may ask the Committee to study and report on a selected topic or to issue an opinion. In its communications, the Committee is also expected to take into account the need for information at a general level.

The Information Committee on Cost and Income Developments was set up by the Prime Minister's Office on 14 December 2016 for a term of four years.

Contact information:

Sami Yläoutinen, Director General
Ministry of Finance, Budget Department
+358 295530320  

Marketta Henriksson, Financial Counsellor
Ministry of Finance, Secretariat for EU Affairs
+358 295530441