Digital Identity Application

The Ministry of Finance’s Digital Identity project was tasked with preparing the necessary legislative amendments, including impact assessments. The government proposal prepared as part of the project was submitted to Parliament in September 2022. The proposal included bills on a digital identification application, electronic identification means for natural persons and digital service authenticator for foreign nationals.

Parliament did not have time to consider the proposal before the end of its term. The next government will decide on moving the proposals forward. Because the proposal has lapsed, the proposed legislative amendments will not enter into force.

The Ministry of Finance will next look into how to continue work on the matters included in the lapsed government proposal. Work will continue based on the goals of the next government programme. The questions that have arisen in connection with the consideration of the proposals will also be taken into account.

Contact information

Sari Liski, Project Manager
The Ministry of Finance, tel. +358 295 530 226, [email protected]

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