Digital identification application

The Ministry of Finance is preparing a digital identification application that citizens will be able to use in various service situations.

The application will be issued by the police and will make it possible to provide proof of your personal data when using both electronic and in-person services. It will work as a smartphone or tablet application and will be issued alongside your passport and identity card. 

The digital identification application will improve the management of personal data and strengthen the protection of privacy and data protection when using services. The government will not be able to monitor how the digital identification application is used.

The Ministry of Finance is currently preparing legislation on the introduction of the digital identification application. The government proposal will be submitted to Parliament in autumn 2022. The application is scheduled to be introduced in September 2023. No changes are planned to existing passports and identity cards.

The bill is also intended to enable the production and use of an electronic identification means for natural persons and a digital service authenticator for foreign nationals. Electronic identification means for natural persons will be issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and will enable electronic authentication in public services. The electronic identification means for natural persons will not be a proof of identity.


The Ministry of Finance established the project for developing digital identity on 8 October 2020 (VM161:00/2020). On 23 June 2021, the Ministry also appointed a legislative working group on digital identity and an impact assessment sub-group, which have participated in the preparation of the draft government proposal as part of the project.

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