Digital identity

A digital identity will make it secure and easy to use services provided by society.

The digital transformation of society has changed how we do things: we now often handle our affairs and use services digitally. Digital services, the handling of affairs electronically and e-commerce are becoming more common and are developing rapidly. This trend creates a need for a digital identity that can be used with both public and private services. This is why identity cards will also become digital.

Legislation promoting the digital identity could at best improve Finland’s competitiveness and public finances. The digitalisation of identity cards will also improve the protection of privacy and improve how you can manage your own data: when using services, you will be able to choose what information about yourself you want to verify.

Promoting digital equality

In an increasingly digital world, it is important to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be part of the change. Everyone must have the opportunity to use digital identity solutions when using services both online and in person.

The development of a digital identity will also make it easier for foreign nationals to use Finnish services, which will make Finland more attractive abroad. Alongside a digital identity for private citizens, we are cooperating with other ministries and government agencies to promote the role of a digital identity for businesses in electronic services.

Digital identity to be developed in stages

The Ministry of Finance's digital identity programme coordinates the development of a digital identity and consists of several different projects. These projects are redesigning the personal identity code system, developing a digital identity, developing the EU's digital wallet and international cooperation in digital identity solutions.

The redesign of the personal identity code lays the foundation for a digital identity, which in turn, is a step towards a European wallet application. The EU is developing a common legal foundation for a digital identity in order to make using services in Member States easier. Finland is actively participating in guiding this development, and is taking a leading role in influencing what the EU-level solution will become.

In short, digital identity means all of the information relating to one’s self in a digital format. In the digital identity programme, we are creating ways and tools to use this information electronically or using electronic tools.


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