Digital identity development project

The aim, as stated in the Government Programme, is to develop electronic identification for Finnish citizens and anyone living in Finland, and to promote the development of functional solutions for identification. The Government Programme also mentions the capability of persons to manage their personal information in public services and sufficient support services for the use of electronic public services in order to ensure equality.

Among other things, the project is based on a study of identification solutions carried out by the Population Register Centre (now the Digital and Population Data Services Agency).  The Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation and the project on redesigning the system of personal identity codes are also closely related the development of digital identity.

The project for developing digital identity will take place between 8 October 2020 and 30 June 2023.

Objectives of the project

The objectives of the project include:

•    Create equal conditions and opportunities for all to use digital identity in public services. 
•    Promote the rights of citizens to manage their personal data in accordance with the MyData principle.
•    Enable electronic identification in public services for all who need it, including for work duties.
•    Ensure the manageability and predictability of costs for the strong electronic identification mechanisms used in public administration. 
•    Facilitate the registration of foreign nationals and their electronic identification in Finland, as well as enable cross-border electronic identification from Finland.

Appointment decision


Maria Nikkilä, tietohallintoneuvos, yksikönpäällikkö 
Ministry of Finance, Julkisen hallinnon tieto- ja viestintätekninen osasto / Julk ICT, Digitalisaatio 0295530514