Digital Identity programme

The Ministry of Finance’s Digital Identity programme coordinates the development of a digital identity. The programme is based on, among other things, the Strategy for Public Governance and the objectives set in Finland’s Digital Compass. The programme consists of several projects. These include the development of a digital identity, the redesign of the personal identity code system, the development of a European wallet application and international cooperation in the field of self-sovereign identity solutions.

The EU is developing a common legal foundation for a digital identity in order to make using services in Member States easier. Finland is actively participating in this work and is involved in guiding the direction of development. Finland is leading the way in shaping the EU-level solution. 

The programme is strongly oriented towards the future. The programme seeks to increase understanding of what could happen in the future and what needs to be done for Finland to keep pace with digitalisation and be a leader of digital identity, self-sovereign identity and wallet solutions. 

The goal of the Digital Identity programme is to define medium-term (1–3 years) and long-term (3–5 years) digital identity scenarios. The programme will assess what the future trends could be in terms of the above themes and will also seek to create future prospects. 


Alexandra Hacklin, Program Manager, tel. +358 295 259, [email protected]

Anna-Riikka Pouttu, Project Coordinator, tel. +358 295 057, [email protected]