European wallet application

The EU is developing common legislation for European wallet applications, and Finland is actively participating in this work. The goal is to develop secure and reliable solutions for people to manage and use their information in the EU. The ability to prove one's identity electronically in different EU Member States remains an important goal, but is no longer a sufficient one. It is more and more often becoming necessary to provide proof of other personal information electronically, such as degrees, professional competences or valid driving licences.

A wallet application will make it easier to show personal data  

In practice, the upcoming legislation concerns a wallet application for smartphones (European Digital Identity Wallet, EUDI Wallet). The idea is for the application to serve a similar purpose to traditional physical wallets, particularly from the perspective of certificates and personal data.
Wallets normally contain not just payment cards, but also identity cards, driving licences and various professional certificates, such as hygiene passports. In other words, a variety of personal data concerning the wallet's owner. The wallet application could contain the same authenticated personal data and certificates in an electronic form, and people would be able to use the wallet application to provide proof of this data when using services.

Background: Finland active in drafting EU legislation

The preparation of legislation on the European wallet application is still ongoing in the EU. The Commission’s legislative proposal provides a foundation, but large changes may still be made as drafting progresses. Finland is actively participating in the drafting of the legislative proposal in the EU. This is a large legislative proposal that will affect both the private and public sectors in numerous administrative sectors. To this end, the Ministry of Finance has appointed a coordination group for the national preparation of the European digital identity. 

Finland takes a positive stance on the development of legislation concerning the wallet application. In many areas, the legislative proposal and its objectives are in line with Finland’s objectives for national legislation. Finland’s long-term goal is to develop the digital identification application into a wallet application that meets the EU's requirements, notify the Commission of it in accordance with the Regulation and use it to enable the use of electronic services in EU Member States.

The development of the wallet application is based on the Commission’s legislative proposal of June 2021 (COM (2021) 281 final), which would amend the EU's eIDAS Regulation ((EU) No 910/2014). The eIDAS Regulation regulates cross-border electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions currently and in the future. The legislative amendment would also bring the European wallet application into the scope of the Regulation.

In parallel with the legislative proposal concerning the European wallet application, the technical requirements for wallet applications are also being prepared (toolbox for a European Digital Identity). These preparations are taking place in cooperation between Member States. The technical requirements would comprehensively cover the requirements for the technical structure, general standards, technical reference material and good practices for wallet applications. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is coordinating national cooperation related to technical specifications.

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