Management Group

The Senior Public Officials Management Group handles and coordinates common operating practices important for the Ministry’s activities as well as the Ministry’s management and internal governance. The members of the Management Group are the Permanent Secretary (chair), the Permanent Under-Secretaries, the Director Generals, the Director of Administrative Governance and Development, the Director of Media and Communications and any heads of other units or senior public officials who may be designated by the Permanent Secretary.

Photographs of ministry's management group

Economics Department

Mikko Spolander
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30006
Twitter: @MikkoSpolander
Secretary: Laura Wallen, tel. +358 2955 30381, [email protected]

Budget Department

Mika Niemelä
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30525
Twitter: @mhniemela
Assistant: Jenni Markkanen, tel. +358 2955 30235, [email protected]

Tax Department

Terhi Järvikare
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30113
Twitter: @TerhiJarvikare
Secretary: Sari Lindeberg, tel. +358 2955 30102, [email protected]

Financial Markets Department

Pauli Kariniemi
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30210
Assistant: Carita Enävuo, tel. +358 2955 30481, [email protected]

Public Governance Department

Juha Sarkio
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30031
Twitter: @JuhaSarkio

Department for Local Government and Regional Administration

Jani Pitkäniemi
Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30494
Secretary: Anu Martikainen, tel. +358 2955 30071, [email protected]

Public Sector ICT

Jarkko Levasma
Government Chief Information Officer, Director General
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30117
Twitter: @levasma
Assistant: Katariina Niemelä, tel. +358 2955 30186, [email protected]

Administrative Governance and Development

Anu Nousiainen
Director of Administrative Governance and Development
[email protected]
tel. +358 2955 30326  
Twitter: @NousiainenAnu
Assistant: Olga Ruhanen, tel. +358 2955 30464, [email protected]


Johanna Vesikallio
Director of Communications
[email protected]
tel. +358 295530204
Twitter: @jvesikallio