National Artificial Intelligence Programme AuroraAI

AuroraAI 2020–2022 is based on the strategic objective of building a dynamic and thriving Finland, as expressed in the Programme of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government. Through the AuroraAI network, everyday life and business will be made easier in a secure and ethically sustainable way. To achieve this, the programme will make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create models that can drive forward the best public administration in the world.

A preliminary study on AuroraAI, set up by the Ministry of Finance for the period between 15 September 2018 and 28 February 2019, examined what kinds of changes the harnessing of AI-based services necessitate in service provision and management.

What is the aim of the AuroraAI programme?

To achieve the objective of creating the world's best public administration, public sector organisations will be linked together using the AuroraAI network, enabling AI to facilitate their interaction with the services provided by other sectors. Breaking down silos that continue to affect parts of the current service provision, the AuroraAI network will help determine which individuals or businesses are in need of a particular service. This will improve the match between users and public services while tackling inefficiency and resource waste. The purpose of AuroraAI is to create the technical conditions that enable information exchange and interoperability between different services and platforms. Seamless interaction between them will require, among other things, joint development of interfaces and communication between the development teams.

The development of AuroraAI will be organised around three life events. This is done by looking at the everyday life of individuals with the help of situational scenarios: in certain life events, such as a change of job, people should automatically receive services from the public, private and third sectors, to proactively support them during the transition and to help avoid a period of unemployment.

What will be the main AuroraAI products?

1. The AuroraAI programme will create a service model where, by using artificial intelligence, public services are arranged so that they can support people in their life events and organisations in their business activities, in collaboration with service providers in other sectors. The model will be designed around three specific life events. The aim is to deploy the model for all different life situations and events by the end of 2022.

2. The AuroraAI network will be created to support the implementation of the service model. It will be available to people and businesses by the end of 2022. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the technical development as part of the implementation of the AuroraAI programme.

3. A new skills and competence development programme will be set up to support the service model during the deployment phase and later on. The development programme is targeted at individuals and organisations using the AuroraAI network and at those parties that intend to include their services in the AuroraAI network.

As a rule, the AuroraAI products will be made available for public, private and third-sector operators. The programme aims to create conditions and processes that will enable the development and maintenance of this AI-based service model and the AuroraAI network after the end of the programme.

Who will be involved in AuroraAI?

The AuroraAI programme is based on cross-sectoral, open networking. This means that all public, private and third-sector operators interested in building a human-centric society in the age of artificial intelligence are openly invited to join the programme.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the guidance, funding and coordination of the programme. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the AuroraAI network development project.


Ira Alanko, Programme Manager, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation
[email protected]

Aleksi Kopponen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation
[email protected]

Niko Ruostetsaari, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation
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