National Artificial Intelligence Programme AuroraAI

Aurora AI. The National Artificial Intelligence Programme AuroraAI is based on the strategic objective of building a dynamic and thriving Finland expressed in Prime Minister Marin’s Government Programme. The AuroraAI network developed in the programme will promote smoothly running daily life and business securely and in an ethically sustainable manner.

The objective of the AuroraAI programme is to offer citizens personalised services at the right time in different life situations and events. This will reduce the need to dash from one window to the next to access services and also promote cost-effectiveness, especially in the provision of public services.

The preliminary study project for AuroraAI inaugurated by the Ministry of Finance (15 September 2018–28 February 2019) identified the changes that AI-assisted activities will bring to the provision and management of services, among other things. The AuroraAI programme was launched in 2020 and will conclude in 2022.

What is the aim of the AuroraAI programme?

To achieve the goals of the AuroraAI programme, public sector organisations must be interconnected (across the AuroraAI network). Assisted by AI, they can also interact with services provided by other sectors. The AuroraAI network will help break down silos in the current service provision and target the offer at the individuals or businesses in need of a particular service. This will ameliorate the mismatch between public services and service users while tackling the waste and underuse of resources. The purpose of the AuroraAI network is to create technical conditions that will enable information exchanges and interoperability between different services and platforms. 

The work to develop the AuroraAI programme is based on different life situations and events. In certain life events, such as changing jobs, an AuroraAI user will automatically be informed about services provided by different parties which will support them in the transition to a new job without a period of unemployment.

What will the main outputs of the AuroraAI programme be?

1. The programme will create the AuroraAI network, which will be available for citizens and organisations by the end of 2022. To read more about the technical development project of the AuroraAI network, click here.

2. To support the deployment of the AuroraAI network, the programme will develop an operating model that integrates the lessons learned, tools and structures and creates a frame of reference for what should be taken into account in the transition to more human-centric and AI-assisted activities. To read more about the operating model development project, click here.

3. The programme will produce a new skills and competence development programme, which will create training contents at different levels to build up skills, understanding and capacity related to AI. To read more about the development programme, click here

The achievements of the programme will be available to all citizens. The AuroraAI programme will examine the marginal conditions and create the preconditions and processes for enabling the development and maintenance of the AuroraAI programme's outputs.

Who is involved in the AuroraAI programme?

The AuroraAI programme is based on open, cross-sectoral networking. This means that all public, private and third-sector stakeholders interested in building a human-centric society in the era of artificial intelligence are openly invited to join the programme.


Niko Ruostetsaari, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation
[email protected]

Aleksi Kopponen, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation
[email protected]