A people-oriented, proactive society

A people-oriented, proactive society will be able to provide the best possible circumstances for people to take care of their own wellbeing and that of their family during different life events. Life events are the key changes that occur in people’s lives that affect their personal situation. These changes will be seen as a transformation in a person’s living environment, service needs or ways of doing things. Watch the video about a proactive society on the Suomidigi YouTube channel.

Successfully coping with an important life event will be possible with proactive services, a smoothly managed transition and the right support after the event. In a society that is people-oriented and proactive, services will be available on a continuous basis and people will genuinely have access to services that match their needs.

People's lives are composed of all kinds of life events.

Using life event pilot schemes to move towards a people-oriented, proactive society

The aim of life event pilot schemes is to pilot a scheme that uses a new approach in dealing with a life event. Services are currently arranged from the viewpoint of individual organisations. In planning pilot schemes, use is made of a co-creation model. The organisations involved in the life event pilot schemes work together to ascertain peoples’ service needs in different life situations. Services are then connected up on the basis of service needs, forming a seamless overall package.

The aim of the life event pilot schemes is to facilitate a more rapid transition from a society of efficient administration to a society that is people-oriented and proactive (see figure below).

The life event pilot schemes include:

  • Moving away to study
  • Ensuring the wellbeing of children and parents during and after a divorce
  • Remaining in the labour market through life-long learning

People-oriented digital transformation. Current practice: efficient admninistration in which power, responsibility and resources are distributed among different organisations. Future practice: People-oriented, proactive society in which organisations work together to help ensure people can deal with life events easily and conveniently at all stages of their lives.


Aurora is an artificial intelligence and autonomous applications network that helps create the conditions for a people-oriented, proactive society. The network is also designed to bring Finland’s public administration into the digital age more quickly.

Intended for organisations that produce services for different life events and business events, the network facilitates interaction between artificial intelligences and other smart applications. From the service consumer’s viewpoint, Aurora enables seamless and convenient service paths for different life situations and life events, where the service paths consist of services from many different providers. 

The project will accelerate the building of a people-oriented, proactive society in line with the recommendations of the DigiNYT monitoring group (appointment decision VM127:00/2015). The project is one of the proposals put forward in the report entitled Finland’s Age of Artificial Intelligence (in Finnish). The report set out the advantages for Finland of applying artificial intelligence as early as possible.  

Preparation of the Aurora project is currently being coordinated by the Ministry of Finance. During 2018, information on the project will be given via this web page. If you are interested in contributing to the development of the Aurora project, please contact Senior Specialist Jouko Salonen.

Communicating the big picture

The big picture is being communicated by posting on the Suomidigi YouTube channel  until June 2018. The idea behind posting videos is to create a clear message for different stakeholders about a people-oriented, proactive society. Interaction is an important part of the pilot schemes, and the aim through communication is to get the message across to people and encourage them to engage in open discussion on the subject in Slack, Twitter and LinkedIn using the hashtags #elamantapahtumat and #AuroraAI. Identifiers for use with Slack can be obtained from Aleksi Kopponen.

More information:

Niko Ruostetsaari, Senior Specialist 
Ministry of Finance, Julkisen hallinnon tieto- ja viestintätekninen osasto / Julk ICT, Digitalisaatio 0295530309