Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation

The Government Programme includes the following objective: Finland will be recognised as a front runner that develops and introduces new solutions enabled by digitalisation and technological advances, doing so across administrative and sectoral boundaries. The aim is to increase the technological and digitalisation capabilities of the public sector and to promote cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation (‘digitalisation programme’) has been put together to implement the objective stated in the Government Programme.  The digitalisation programme supports and encourages public authorities to make their services available digitally to citizens and businesses by 2023. The Ministry of Finance established the Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation on 25 February 2020.

Goals to be achieved during the digitalisation programme period: 

  • High-quality digital public services will be available to citizens and businesses in accordance with, as a minimum, the requirements of the Act on the Provision of Digital Services. 
  • The use of in-person and paper-based services by business operators will have reduced significantly, and a number of digital-only business services will be available.
  • Digital user support services will be available throughout the country, observing the needs of business operators.

The programme goals will be promoted in the following ways:

  • Situational picture on the impact of digital transformation and a related set of indicators will be used to monitor the progress made in digitalisation and in achieving the goals set.
  • Application of laws and legislative development are used as means to give stronger priority to digital services and to improve consistency in service development and service provision. 
  • The aim of digital support for online service users will be to improve the availability of support across the country and make it easier to find. The digitalisation programme also aims to ensure that digital support serves business operators.
  • The YritysDigi project will help to achieve the programme goal of significantly reducing the use of in-person and paper-based services by business operators, and making available a number of digital-only business services.
  • Monthly network meetings are organised for promoters of digitalisation. 
  • In 2021, specialist support services were provided in the context of a pilot project organised in cooperation with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Preparations are being made to continue the provision of these services in 2022.
  • An independent mid-term and final evaluation of the programme will be carried out.

Alongside the Programme for the Promotion of Digitalisation, the Government Programme’s other means for achieving the digitalisation goals are:

Who is participating in the digitalisation programme? 

The principal responsibility for the Programme for Promotion of Digitalisation rests with the Ministry of Finance. Other ministries have partial responsibility. Municipalities, businesses and the third sector are also invited to participate in the digitalisation programme's measures. 

Contact information
Ministerial Adviser
Marjukka Saarijärvi
Tel. +358 2955 30208