Redesigning the personal identity code system

The Ministry of Finance is redesigning the personal identity code system. Our task is to draft the necessary legislative amendments and to carry out comprehensive impact assessments.

The redesign of the personal identity code system will ensure that there are sufficient personal identity codes available, enable foreign nationals to use Finnish services more conveniently, enable the use of a new personal unique identifier and promote equality by removing information on gender from new personal identity codes.  

We will also work with the authorities and other participants to prepare instructions and specify practices for the appropriate use of personal identity codes.

The government proposal prepared in the project was submitted to Parliament on 15 September 2022. If adopted, the proposed amendments would enter into force on 1 September 2023. The amendments concerning gender-neutral personal identity codes would enter into force on 1 January 2027.

Implementing the proposed changes to personal identity codes will require that sufficient personal identity codes are available in the future. There are a limited number of personal identity codes available per day and per gender, and has been estimated that, mainly in the case of people moving to Finland, these codes would run out for certain dates in the next 2–3 years.

The availability of personal identity codes has been ensured through an amendment decree adopt-ed by the Government in July 2022. The decree solves the issue of availability of personal identity codes by enabling the use of new intermediary characters indicating the century of birth in codes issued starting on 1 January 2023. Personal identity codes containing the new intermediate characters will only be issued once the intermediate characters currently in use run out.

Background of the redesign of the personal identity code system

The term of the project in the Ministry of Finance is from 1 December 2020 to 31 December 2022. In its final report, the working group on redesigning the system of personal identity codes and on state-guaranteed identities that preceded this project proposed that, starting from 2027, Finland should introduce a new form of personal identity code that would no longer indicate the person’s age, date of birth or gender, or other information on the individual.

Based on the consultation comments regarding the final report and on the further work carried out by officials at the Ministry of Finance, it is not considered possible to fully implement the working group’s proposals without alteration. Following the comments, the Ministry has focused on preparing more limited changes to the present format of the personal identity code.

The comments drew attention strongly to the significant operating and financial implications of the working group’s proposals. In the project that is now in progress, the aims are being pursued in stages. This should allow the impacts to be managed, and should give time for different parties to prepare for the various changes sufficiently in advance.

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