Public administration as a success factor

Finland's objective is that its public administration will continue to be a shining example of the reforming Nordic model in which a well-functioning and cost-effective administration is a national success factor. As part of the public sector, central government is able to secure sustainable development of the national economy and the wellbeing of its citizens. With strategic skills and proactive management, Finland will be successful in international competition.

Public administration is built on a strong common set of values, emphasising both traditional and good governance principles and the requirements of professional management. The specific characteristics of public administration are closely linked to political guidelines and the regulation of public finances, legislation and demand for publicity.

The basis for public administration lies in the government's social targets, and the citizens and customers. Trust and collaboration are important resources, with collaboration supported by Group-like, cross-administrative processes and operating practices. Sustainable development cannot be achieved without taking into account the specific characteristic of public administration and learning from the management practices of other sectors.

The Ministry of Finance models and supports management reform in central government. This work is based on a vision of good, holistic operational management, the key elements of which are the administration's implementation and service capacity, exemplary personnel management, realisation of good governance and bold change management.