Research activities

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Research and development

In both central and local government it is most important to utilise diverse research data and knowledge. The Department for Local Government and Regional Administration of the Ministry of Finance directs and finances research, development, assessments and analyses in support of its activities and decision-making. The aim is to produce both scientific, theoretical data and knowledge and practical expertise for the various activities of the Department and the Ministry as a whole.

Focus areas of research

In the financing granted by the Department to research projects and analyses the focus is on key areas with regard to the Department’s sphere of operations: local government finances and development of legislation and administration concerning local government and regional administration. The projects to be financed must support the core activities of the Department.

In terms of the content, the focus of the studies and analyses to be commissioned and financed is determined by the Government Programme, as well as the long-term needs and duties of the Department.  The studies to be commissioned must also be in line with the research strategy of the Ministry of Finance.

Research and development actors in the sector

The Department for Local Government and Regional Administration aims for close cooperation with other actors conducting research on local government affairs. This takes place in several universities and research institutions and by various foundations. Larger cities, in particular, have research units of their own for studies on local government affairs and urban policy. Authorities research is the responsibility of the Unit for Local Government Development, Management and Democracy.

The cooperation partners of the Department include:

Tell us about your research projects and their results

The Department welcomes any information you wish to share about research and, where possible, utilizes this in its activities. Please tell us about the ongoing research and development projects and their results.

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Ministerial Adviser
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