Skills and competence development programme

Competence-building measures will be taken in the context of the AuroraAI programme to support the introduction of the AuroraAI network and the AuroraAI operating model, and to boost the competences required. The results of the skills and competence development work will, as a rule, be accessible and usable to everyone, including citizens.

Main target groups during the AuroraAI programme period include developers and procurers of public sector services, management of public sector organisations, and all actors and organisations that connect their services to the AuroraAI network. 

Competence building will be incorporated into the AuroraAI programme throughout the programme period as part of work to improve the AuroraAI operating model and the AuroraAI network. The public administration is only taking its first steps in AI use, and the principle of human-centricity as the guiding element remains somewhat unstructured; this is why the AuroraAI skills and competence development programme will first and foremost be a shared learning journey. 

The easiest way to get involved and receive up-to-date information about future opportunities for participation is to join the Slack messaging platform for the AuroraAI programme. 

Published training packages

1.  What is AuroraAI? online course

2. Series of AI webinars

3. Perspectives on human centricity (in Finnish only)

4. Perspectives on human centricity, podcast (in Finnish only)

In this podcast, we explore the concept of human centricity from various angles and with interesting guests.