Financial and HR services

The government financial administration is a function that reaches across administrative branches to ensure the appropriate use of central government finances and to maintain good administrative practices. Actors in the government financial administration are jointly responsible for expert and efficient management in financial administration.

The key actors in the government financial administration are the ministries and agencies in the various administrative branches, the Finnish Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR, the State Treasury and the Ministry of Finance. The responsibility for legislation on financial administration, for policy and strategy at corporate level and for strategic direction and guidance rests with the Ministry of Finance. The State Treasury directs and guides the accounting units and the funds constituting off-budget entities in order to ensure that their bookkeeping and other accounting functions are managed consistently. The financial management in each agency is responsible for financial planning and monitoring in that agency and for implementing and directing the duties within the purview of the agency. The Government Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR is responsible for support and expert services for financial administration and HR in government agencies and public bodies.

The Government Financial Administration Strategy 2020 presents an outline for the various actions and development measures in financial administration for the near future.  In government financial administration the aim is to work in closer cooperation with all concerned, producing financial administration data and employing consistent processes in support of decision-making, within the context of each operator’s area of responsibility and making use of shared information systems and developing needs-based expertise.  These measures will also serve to improve the overall productivity of the financial administration.


Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs
Arja Terho
Tel. +358 2955 30235
[email protected]

Senior Specialist
Eeva Kaunismaa
Tel. +358 2955 30103
[email protected]

Senior Ministerial Adviser, Financial Affairs
Tero Meltti
Tel. +358 2955 30770
[email protected]


Arja Terho, finanssineuvos 
valtiovarainministeriö, Valtionhallinnon kehittämisosasto, Konsernipolitiikkayksikkö 0295530235  

Eeva Kaunismaa, erityisasiantuntija 
valtiovarainministeriö, Valtionhallinnon kehittämisosasto, Konsernipolitiikkayksikkö 0295530103  

Tero Meltti, finanssineuvos, yksikön päällikkö 
valtiovarainministeriö, Valtionhallinnon kehittämisosasto, Konsernipolitiikkayksikkö 0295530770