National Artificial Intelligence Programme AuroraAI

The AuroraAI programme was based on the entry in Prime Minister Marin’s Government Programme to continue developing the AuroraAI network to promote smoothly running daily life and business in a secure and ethically sustainable manner. The project term was from 31 January 2020 to 31 December 2022.

The objective of the programme was to speed up the development of public administration and the provision of public services in an AI-assisted manner that is centred on people and life events. At the same time, it contributed to the organisation of public services in a people-oriented manner, which is one of the objectives of the Strategy for Public Governance.

What were the main outputs of the AuroraAI programme?

In addition to technological development, the programme involved network cooperation, the development of new operating models for public organisations and the development of new skills and competence, particularly in public organisations.

The development of the AuroraAI network was divided into two parts: the development of the core components of the AuroraAI network and the development of user interfaces compatible with AuroraAI. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency was responsible for the development of the core components, and DigiFinland Oy was responsible for the development of interfaces.

The objective of developing the AuroraAI operating model was to develop, together with partner organisations, sample implementations and tools for the development of human-centric and life-event-oriented activities. The operating model integrates the developed tools and lessons learned and creates a framework of issues to be taken into account in the transition to more human-centric and AI-assisted activities.

The open training content created as part of the AuroraAI programme has been developed to support the adoption of the programme's other outputs (the AuroraAI network and the operating model) and to support a human-centric approach in the development of public administration.

The AuroraAI programme also had a chatbot community aimed at bringing together public organisations that use or are planning to adopt chatbots in order to seek synergies between the work carried out in different organisations, share best practices and increase general cooperation between organisations using chatbots.


Niko Ruostetsaari, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance, Public Sector ICT, Digitalisation


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