Information policy

Society is ever faster becoming networked and digitalised and is increasingly reliant on information, data and the knowledge and services derived from these. The quality, reliability, source and producer of information must be known transparently and its producer must be trusted. 

Information policy describes the policy measures that enable efficient, secure and ethical utilisation of information. Information policy is used for boosting, for example, the gathering, combining and sharing of information, and information disclosure and storage, and for enhancing data protection and information security in a manner that respects human rights and freedoms.

Information policy clarifies the policies and principles on the basis of which decision-making capacity is strengthened to build a society that is economically, socially, culturally, securely and environmentally sustainable and competent also in terms of citizens’ wellbeing. Information policy also builds a picture of Finland as an attractive operating environment for the information economy. Based on information policy, Finland’s position is formulated and used as a springboard for influencing the shape of international commitments, regulations and the operating environment on information use.

Vision for information policy

The vision for Finland’s information policy is that information and technology will be used to serve people’s needs. The aim of information policy measures is that people will be prepared to learn, apply and make good use of technologies for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life, improving access to and use of services, and boosting competitiveness and value creation. A considerable number of projects on these issues are under way in different branches of government. The task of information policy is to reinforce the shared objectives of these projects.

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Olli-Pekka Rissanen, johtava asiantuntija 
valtiovarainministeriö, Julkisen hallinnon tieto- ja viestintätekninen osasto / Julk ICT, Tietopolitiikkayksikkö 0295530364