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Personnel management creates the preconditions for the performance, efficiency and ability to provide services of the government's operational units. Personnel management is a key part of the overall management and operating strategy of the operational units.



Management of human resources means

  • personnel planning
  • recruitment
  • performance management and results-based management
  • competence management as well as training and staff rotation that supports it
  • motivation
  • well-being at work
  • rewards
  • renewal and
  • other aspects of personnel management.

The goal is professional, knowledge-based management of personnel, and ensuring that the amount and type of personnel in each of the state's operational units corresponds to the unit's needs.

  1. Each of the state's operational units is primarily responsible for its own personnel.Personnel management is based on the special characteristics of the unit as well as the government's common policy definitions regarding operating and personnel strategy.
  2. The ministries steer personnel management in their administrative branches. Among other things, the ministries set the personnel goals for the performance targets of the operational units.
  3. The Government is responsible for the long-term operational preconditions of the operational units and the performance efficiency of their activities. The Personnel and Governance Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, which also acts as the Office for the Government as Employer, is responsible for preparing the policy definitions on the general government level and on the activities of the government as employer on the central level. Here the social effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the operational units is emphasised as well as their seamless cooperation with each other, not to mention the work with innovations, which can lead to even radical reforms of the work.

In August 2001, the Government issued a resolution on central government personnel management policy. The aim of the policy is to strengthen the common operating culture of the government's operational units and to create development goals for them. The starting point is a view of the extensive and varied tasks of the central government and their good management in changing circumstances. The retirement of the baby-boomers and the increasing competition for workforce are a significant change. Other changes include the downturn of the economic situation and the development of information society.

The central goals of the policy include:

  • strengthening the shared basic values of the central government and maintaining the high quality of civil service ethics;
  • ensuring the competitiveness of the employer and securing competent personnel;
  • promoting good management and the operating ability of work communities.

Personnel management policy definitions have been specified to correspond to the current administrative development actions, improving productivity and the decentralisation of functions. On 26 January 2012, the Government issued a resolution on the status of central government personnel in organisational restructurings. In addition, the Ministry of Finance has made a decision on 15 February 2012 on change management and change security in central government (VM/305/00.00.00/2012).

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