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Government discusses adopting powers laid down in Emergency Powers Act

Government Communications Department
3.3.2021 20.44 | Published in English on 4.3.2021 at 10.32
Press release 134

In its meeting on 3 March, the Government discussed the adoption of certain powers laid down in the Emergency Powers Act. The decrees on the use of these powers are currently under preparation. The Government aims to make decisions on the decrees in its session on Friday 5 March, after which they will be submitted to Parliament.

The Government discussed adopting the following powers laid down in the Act to the extent necessary:
•    Section 86: directing the operations of healthcare and social welfare units 
•    Section 88, paragraph 1: compliance with the time limits for non-urgent care 
•    Section 106, subsection 1: communication by the state administrative authorities in emergencies 
•    Section 107: decisions on powers in emergencies.

On 1 March, the Government, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, made the decision to declare a state of emergency in the country.

Vaccination of municipal election officials

In its meeting, the Government also discussed the vaccination of election officials conducting at-home voting in the upcoming municipal elections. This would mean a change in the order of vaccination established by government decree. 

If the elections proceed on schedule, the Government is prepared to change the order of vaccination. In that case, the COVID-19 vaccine could be given to the election officials who conduct at-home voting. In addition, municipalities are responsible for vaccinating election official who belong to risk groups or are over 70 years of age in good time.

In the municipal elections this spring, the number of people who register for at-home voting is expected to increase. Persons placed under quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure may also register for at-home voting. 

Inquiries: Johanna Suurpää, Director General, Ministry of Justice, [email protected] (voting) and  Päivi Anttikoski, Director of Government Communications, tel. +358 40 536 4821.