Digitalising and automating life and business events

The Ministry of Finance is preparing to implement the digitalisation of life and business events. This relates to the objectives set out in Finland’s digital compass. Life events are situations in which a natural person needs services, and business events are situations in which a legal person needs services. One of the objectives of Finland’s digital compass is to define and digitalise approximately 40 of the most significant and impactful life event service packages by 2030. Preparations are being made in broad-based cooperation with different branches of government, stakeholders and networks.

The aim of digitalising service packages relating to life and business events is to more comprehensively take people’s and businesses’ differing needs and situations into account when developing and providing public services in the future. A life event is a change in a person’s life that requires the person to use the services of more than one authority. For example, a life event could relate to studying, establishing a business or having a child. 

By developing activities and services as service packages based on life events, we can ensure good governance in our increasingly digital society and provide a smoother and more comprehensive service experience. At the same time, this will make public services more cost-effective and impactful, because different sectors and service providers will cooperate to link people’s needs for services to different life situations and events.

Digitalising life and business events – send in your proposals

The Ministry of Finance invites organisations to highlight important life and business events that should be digitalised and, where applicable, automated. Submit the completed form to the registry of the Ministry of Finance (kirjaamo.vm(at) with the subject “VN/30844/2022 elämäntapahtumalähtöinen digitalisaatio.”

Download the form (in Finnish).

Contact information

Niko Ruostetsaari, Programme Manager, Ministry of Finance, tel. 0295530309, [email protected]