International cooperation on digitalisation and ICT

The Public Sector ICT Department of the Ministry of Finance takes actively part in the work of international organisations, exerts its influence on their programmes and makes use of them in the government of  Finland. Finland also follows digitalisation and ICT developments in other countries by seeking comparative data and experiences from other countries’ development programmes for digital public administration and services.

Key international partners are the European Union, the OECD, Nordic Council of Ministers, The International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration (ICA) and the United Nations Public Administration Network, UNPAN.  In the EU affairs, the Public Sector ICT Department is actively involved in drafting and implementation of EU legislation that affects public sector such as digital identity, data and artificial intelligence.

Finland works in close cooperation with the Nordic countries in the field of electronic identification, for example. Cooperation in the Nordic-Baltic region is based on Digital North 2.0 –declaration adopted in October 2020.  The declaration sets vision until 2030 stating that the Nordic-Baltic region will become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world.

Finland works in close cooperation with Estonia in digital matters. The two countries have signed several cooperation documents aiming to deepen further the cooperation between the countries with regard to electronic exchange of information and further developing of X-road technology. There are several ongoing cooperation projects in the field of electronic exchange of information.

Finland has been highly rated in international ICT comparisons, ranking usually as one of the top countries. In the latest ranking, the Digital Economy and Society Index from 2022, Finland has been ranked first on the list. Read more about the DESI index. In a 2022 UN E-Government Survey, Finland was ranked second (after Denmark). Read more about the UN E-Government Survey.

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