Discretionary government grants 

Discretionary government grants are public financing awarded from budget appropriations or off-budget entities, without direct conditionality, to recipients other than government agencies or public bodies. Discretionary government grants are awarded on a discretionary basis to support a wide range of activities and projects.

In the Budget, the appropriations allocated to discretionary government grants are included in the transfers. Discretionary government grants need to be targeted efficiently, and they are to be used effectively in order to make an impact. 

Awarding discretionary government grants

Finland has some 90 government grant authorities that award discretionary government grants to organisations, municipalities, research organisations, businesses and private individuals. Discretionary government grants include general grants, investment grants, project grants and special grants.

Improving government grant activities

With regard to government grant activities, the Ministry of Finance's objectives are to strengthen their knowledge-based management, increase their impact across administrative boundaries, and improve their productivity. In addition, there are development measures that aim to reform and standardise the administration of government grant activities and harmonise government grant procedures. 

Achieving these objectives requires:

  • improvement and standardisation of administrative and financial practices;
  • introduction and utilisation of government grant services by government grant authorities, and
  • guidance, support and co-creation.


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