State-owned companies and unincorporated State enterprises


Hansel Ltd

Hansel Ltd is a central purchasing body for central and local government. Its mission is to improve productivity in public administration and lead the way in efficient and responsible public purchasing. Hansel also carries out development work in public procurement and provides digital procurement services. All central government organisations, municipalities, wellbeing services counties and other public sector operators defined by law can make use of framework agreements without the need for separate competitive tendering. Hansel Ltd is owned jointly by the State (65%) and the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities (35%).

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd provides training and development services for public management needs and for skills renewal. As a service provider for central government, HAUS’s customers consist of government agencies and public bodies, unincorporated state enterprises, and off-budget entities. Other customers include Parliament and the bodies operating subordinate to it, under its supervision or in connection with it. HAUS’s customers also include European Union administration and the Member States of the community as well as international organisations. HAUS is fully state-owned.

Fingrid Oyj

Fingrid Oyj is Finland’s transmission system operator responsible for the transmission of electricity through the national power grid. Fingrid’s business consists of the operation of the country’s main power grid as provided in the Electricity Market Act and the related system responsibility. The strategic interest is in securing, under all circumstances, the effective and disruption-free operation of power transmission and of the electricity supply system. Fingrid’s main interests are to secure a reliable supply of electricity and effective markets for society as well as to provide affordable services responsive to the needs of customers. The State holds 53.1% of Fingrid’s shares and 70.9% of the voting rights.

Gasgrid Finland Oy

Gasgrid Finland Oy is a state-owned natural gas transmission network company. The company’s business consists of ownership of the gas transmission network, operation of the transmission network as provided in the Natural Gas Market Act, and the related system responsibility. The strategic interest is in securing, under all circumstances, the effective and disruption-free operation of gas transmission and of the gas supply system as well as developing the transmission of hydrogen and its gaseous derivatives and hydrogen transmission infrastructure as well as safeguarding their smooth and disruption-free operation. Gasgrid Finland Oy is fully state-owned. 

Asset Management Company Arsenal Ltd, in liquidation

Asset Management Company Arsenal Ltd was established in 1993 and operates as an asset management company under the Act on the Government Guarantee Fund (379/1992). The Act on the Government Guarantee Fund was repealed by Act 1202/2014, which entered into force on 1 January 2015. Under the transitional provisions of Act 1202/2014, the provisions of the repealed Act nevertheless apply to Arsenal. The company was placed in voluntary liquidation in 2003. Arsenal is fully state-owned.

DigiFinland Oy          

As a public sector entity, DigiFinland Oy develops, maintains and provides national digital services that improve the productivity and effectiveness of healthcare and social welfare services, rescue services and other sectors. The company also supports ICT integration and interoperability, knowledge-based management and customer-oriented and cost-effective services in the public sector, along with digitalisation. From the beginning of 2023, DigiFinland Oy will be owned jointly by the State (~33.4%), the wellbeing services counties, the City of Helsinki and the joint county authority for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. 

Unincorporated State enterprises

Senate Group

Senate Group comprises Senate Properties and its subsidiary enterprise Defence Properties Finland. It also includes Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management and Senate Station Properties Ltd. 

Senate Properties and Defence Properties Finland are unincorporated state enterprises that work with their customers to develop premises and work environments, and are also responsible for taking good care of the State’s property assets. The combined balanced sheet value of the properties is approximately EUR 4.6 billion. Senate Properties’ annual investments focus particularly on modernisation and refurbishment designed to improve value retention and usability of the building stock, and improvements to the efficiency of premises. Investment by Defence Properties Finland focuses on projects that maintain defence capability. The most important governance decisions concerning the unincorporated state enterprises are taken by Parliament in connection with the annual Budget. Senate Group operates within the Ministry of Finance’s branch of government and is subject to general oversight by the Ministry. The Ministry of Defence oversees Defence Properties Finland’s provision of services to the Finnish Defence Forces and to partners designated by the Defence Forces.