State-owned companies and unincorporated State enterprises


Trading House Hansel Ltd

Trading House Hansel Ltd is a 100% State-owned company. Hansel is Finland's central purchasing body for the public sector. It collates procurement needs and purchasing volumes for the government, invites tenders for products and services and enters into framework agreements for procurement. These framework agreements can be used by all government bodies without recourse to separate tender action. As of January 1 2002, Hansel was transferred from the Ministry of Trade and Industry's branch of government to that of the Ministry of Finance.

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd

HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd specialises in training and consultancy both in Finland and abroad.
As a company providing services for state administration, HAUS's clients include the Prime Minister's Office, various state departments, offices and departments in state's regional and local administration, state-owned companies and funds outside the state's budget. The customers also include the Parliament of Finland and the units operating under its control or supervision.

Fingrid Oyj

Fingrid has a crucial role in the Finnish power system. By virtue of the Electricity Market Act, the company is responsible for the functioning of the power system at a national level. This is vital in view of the welfare and development of the entire society and economy.

Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management

The Counties’ Service Centre for Facilities and Real Estate Management, established at the start of 2017, is responsible for the management of real estate needed for the performance of the counties’ duties, for ownership and maintenance of the premises, and for related services. The aim of the Service Centre is to provide expertise for use by all the counties, to standardise practices and to enable cost-effective premises that are functional, safe, secure and not detrimental to health.

Asset Management Company Arsenal Ltd, in liquidation

Asset Management Company Arsenal Ltd was established in 1993 and operates as an asset management company under the Act on the Government Guarantee Fund (379/1992). The Act on the Government Guarantee Fund was repealed by act 1202/2014, which entered into force on 1 January 2015. Under the transitional provisions of act 1202/2014, the provisions of the Act on the Government Guarantee Fund nevertheless apply to Arsenal. The company was placed in voluntary liquidation on 1 October 2003. Arsenal is wholly owned by the State.

SoteDigi Oy

Set up at the end of 2017, SoteDigi Oy is a development company responsible for developing future national client and patient system solutions for healthcare and social welfare, and developing the interoperability of digital services and data systems for healthcare and social welfare that the counties are responsible for organising.

Vimana Oy

Vimana Oy is the national ICT service centre for the counties and was established in 2017. It is responsible for organising, maintaining and developing the counties’ shared ICT and integration services.

Unincorporated State enterprises

Senate Properties

Senate Properties (formerly the State Real Estate Board) operates as an unincorporated State enterprise that handles ownership functions mainly for State-owned office, university and other special premises. Senate Properties' most important steering decisions are taken by Parliament annually in connection with the Budget.