Management and organisation

The Ministry of Finance is led by the Minister of Finance. The Government often also has another minister, whose field of responsibility includes a part of the functions of the Ministry of Finance. The division of the ministers' duties is agreed when the Government is formed. The most senior civil servant in the Ministry of Finance is the Permanent Secretary. The Permanent Secretary is assisted by the Permanent Under-Secretaries, the Director of Administrative Governance and Development as well as the Economic Policy Coordinator. There are approximately 360 people working in the Ministry.

The Ministry includes the Economics, Budget, Tax and Financial Markets Departments as well as the Department for Local Government and Regional Administration, the Public Sector ICT Department and the Personnel and the Public Governance Department. The Office for the Government as Employer operates in conjunction with the Public Governance Department.

The Administrative Governance and Development is responsible for internal administration of the Ministry; it also provides communication services. International Financial Affairs unit and the Secretariat for EU Affairs operate directly under the management. In addition, the Government financial controller's function operates within the Ministry.

Organisation Chart