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Personnel management implements a strategy of action by ensuring the acquisition, development and management of the skills required for the effective operation of the different government units. 

In personnel management, the focus is on:

  • human resources; our staff is competent, feels well and its skills are flexibly available, the number and quality of personnel in each operating unit corresponds to the needs of the unit; 
  • employer; continuous development of the employer activities promotes the agencies' per-formance; 
  • leadership and management culture; leadership is exemplary, professional and knowledge-based, it shows direction and maintains relevance, personnel management is a natural part of leadership. 

In practice, human resources management functions are related to the following themes in the illustration: 

  • Management of performance and results
  • Personnel planning
  • Promotion and management of learning and reform (incl. training and staff rotation)
  • Acquisition of skills (incl. recruitment of personnel) 
  • Promotion of wellbeing at work and working ability 
  • Remuneration (incl. immaterial rewards such as insignia of merit) 
  • Values and public service code of ethics 
  • Development of work and working environments 

Each of the state’s operational unit is primarily responsible for its own personnel. Personnel management is based on the special characteristics of the unit and the state’s common operational and personnel strategy policies. 

Ministries guide and direct personnel management in their administrative branches. Among other things, the ministries set the personnel goals for the performance targets of the operational units. The Government is responsible for the long-term operational preconditions of the operational units and the performance efficiency of their activities. The Personnel and Governance Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, which also acts as the Office for the Government as Employer, is responsible for preparing the policy definitions on the general government level and for the activities of the government as employer on the central level. The government’s human resources steering group will act as an advisory body.  

The activities emphasise the societal effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the operating units, seamless mutual cooperation and innovation work that can be used to renew work. The government’s personnel management forum, which includes the personnel directors 

from the ministries and agencies as well as directors responsible for human resources development, is actively involved in these themes. 

The personnel management guidelines adopted by the government’s human resources steering group are as follows: 

  1. We feel that our work is shared and that we use our skills flexibly across boundaries 
  2. Continuous learning is part of our work 
  3. In work and management processes, emphasis lies on responsibility, trust and coaching 
  4. Strategic human resources will ensure effective operations and management by information 
  5. Human resources management operates productively and services are well organised 

The following have been selected as common human resources targets for performance contracts in 2020–2021: 

  1. Developing expertise 
  2. Promoting mobility 
  3. Reforming the state’s image as employer

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