Green transition – Recovery and Resilience Plan

A green transition will support structural adjustment of the economy and help to build a carbon-neutral welfare society. The Sustainable Growth Programme will bring forward solutions that can reduce emissions both in Finland and worldwide. Finland aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and to halt the decline in biodiversity by 2030.


The key goals include making Finland a world leader in the hydrogen and circular economies, and in emission-free energy systems and other climate and environmental solutions. The aim is also to improve energy efficiency and accelerate the transition to fossil-free transport and heating. The measures to achieve these goals will include action to mobilise as much green transition investment as possible. Putting into effect the low-carbon roadmaps for industrial sectors will be a significant component of the overall package.


EUR 695 million at current prices

Project examples

‘Green transition’ projects focus on areas such as: 

  • clean energy production, including solar power, offshore wind energy, biogas and waste heat recovery
  • industrial circular economy solutions and low-emission innovations, e.g. investments in hydrogen technology and circular economy demonstration plants
  • adoption of new technologies, services and practices in the construction sector
  • support for the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • nature-based solutions, such as gypsum treatment of arable land to reduce the nutrient load in the Baltic Sea.

What practical benefits will there be?

The green transition will bring new technologies that help to speed up the transition from fossil energy. The measures will save energy, improve air quality and ensure security of energy supply. Growth and new jobs will be created across the country, replacing work being lost as a result of structural change. 

New skills will also be developed and there will be demand for these worldwide. This expertise will improve the competitiveness of Finland's export industries. The Sustainable Growth Programme for Finland will help to build up these skills by supporting education, training and research, which will open up new study opportunities.

Financial support will be available to businesses and municipalities for adopting new technological solutions.

Funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU.