Equality and equity

Equal and equitable treatment of the personnel is the employer’s statutory responsibility as well as an element of good management and working life. Promoting equality and equity in the workplace improves the personnel’s well-being at work, supports the organisation's productivity and boosts the employer image.

As a good employer, the central government sees to the equal and non-discriminating treatment of its personnel. While equal treatment of the personnel is relevant to all employer activities, it is highlighted in recruitment and when determining the conditions of public service employment relationships. The central government’s pay systems, for example, are based on the complexity level of each role and the employee's performance in their tasks. In central government, the same salary is paid for work of equal value, regardless of the employee's gender.

The Office for the Government as Employer represents the central government in its role as an employer in different projects and working groups on equality and non-discrimination as well as in international cooperation. It also informs and advises central government units in issue related to equity and equality. Each central government unit acts independently in its role as an employer and sees to compliance with the provisions of the Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986) and the Non-Discrimination Act (1325/2014).

Further information

Act on Equality between Women and Men (609/1986)

Non-Discrimination Act (1325/2014)

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