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Ministry of Finance
PO Box 28, FI-00023 Government, Finland
Registry: kirjaamo.vm(at)

Processing of personal data

Personal data may be processed only if there exist legal grounds for the processing. As a rule, personal data are needed in the provision and use of services and for law drafting purposes. We do not process personal data for purposes other than those indicated.

Personal data are processed by the persons maintaining the service at ministries as well as by cooperation partners and their subcontractors who produce the service. The Ministry has agreed on the processing of personal data with these bodies in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The data are not transferred or disclosed outside the EU or the EEA.

You have the right to know what data we store about you and who processes your data. In addition, you can check the data we have collected on you and update them, if necessary.

If you wish to receive information on the personal data about you that we have stored in our services, you may submit a request for information to the Registry of the Ministry.

Contact details of the Registry

If you notice shortcomings or errors in your data, you may request that they be corrected. In your request, please specify the error and let us know how we should change the data.

If you have indicated that your data are incorrect, you have the right to request that their processing be restricted until the accuracy of the data is verified.

In certain cases, you also have the right to request erasure of your personal data, for example if you have subscribed to the Ministry's press releases and news.

If necessary, you may also lodge an appeal or complaint concerning the processing of your data to the Data Protection Ombudsman.

For more information concerning the processing of your personal data at the Ministry of Finance, please contact the Data Protection Officer of the Ministry: vmtietosuojavastaava(at)

Stored personal data

Communication and events

We store the data you have provided us when signing up for a service.

  • Newsletter subscription
  • Press release and news subscription
  • Use of Media Service
  • Media access passes to press rooms
  • Data you have provided us when registering for events
  • Twitter lists concerning our stakeholders

You can delete your subscription data yourself whenever you want by cancelling the subscription at the link included in every email message sent.

The data are stored in the service for the duration of its life cycle or until you delete your data through the email link provided or request the Ministry to do so.

We do not collect data that would allow individual visitors to be identified. We only collect general statistical data on how the webpages are used. Such data includes pages viewed, time, IP address, web browser and operating system. This information is then used for developing our web services.

Contacts with the Ministry

We store your feedback, letters, requests for documents and information, and any other contacts you have made with the Ministry. The data are stored in accordance with the Ministry's data management plan.

Use of tax information

The Ministry of Finance can gain access to tax information under the Act on the Public Disclosure and Confidentiality of Tax Information and under research permits granted by the Tax Administration. The Ministry conducts research to support law drafting and preparation of the Budget. The data are stored only for the duration of a given research project, and they are not disclosed to any third parties. A responsible person or team is always assigned for a research project. The data are protected appropriately.

Act on the Publicity and Confidentiality of Tax Information

Data collected by the Ministry of Finance as an employer

The Ministry collects data concerning its employees to be able to perform the statutory financial and personnel administration tasks. The data are received from the public officials themselves and from central government registers. The data are stored in accordance with the Archives Act and the data management plan of the Ministry of Finance. The categories of personal data being processed include employees' contact details, appointment to office, pay, employment relationships, and working hours.

Public expressions of recognition

Insignia of Merit for Public Service

Data needed for the conferral of the Insignia of Merit for Public Service are retrieved from the registers concerning central government employees and the staff records. The Decree on the Insignia of Merit for Public Service lays down provisions on the data that are necessary for this purpose. The personal data processed in this connection include the name, personal identity code, job title, agency, and employment relationships of the person concerned. The Ministry stores the data in accordance with the Personal Data Files in the Administration Act and the Archives Act.

Decree on the Insignia of Merit for Public Service (available only in Finnish and Swedish)

Decorations in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance

Annually, the Ministry gathers proposals for decoration conferrals in its administrative branch and submits them to the Orders. The data processing is based on the Act on Public Expressions of Recognition, the statutes of the Order of the White Rose of Finland, the Decree on the Establishment of the Order of the Lion of Finland, and regulations of the Orders concerning decoration conferral. The party proposing a decoration for a person must ensure that the person gives his or her consent to this. The Ministry stores the data for the duration of the decoration conferral process.