Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine. Finland strongly condemns Russia’s military actions in Ukraine and supports Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, self-determination and territorial integrity.

The Government is monitoring the situation and developments in Ukraine. The Ministry of Finance is monitoring the situation from the perspective of its own areas of responsibility. Among other things, the Ministry of Finance

  • estimates the impacts that Russia's invasion will have on Finland's economy and makes proposals for measures to be taken
  • secures the ICT infrastructure and digital services of public administration
  • secures the functioning of the financial system
  • provides expert assistance to other ministries and coordinates the activities of its branch of government.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the competent authority in communications relating to the implementation of sanctions, and a great deal of information on sanctions is available on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Finnish Customs is responsible for the supervision of export sanctions.

We will regularly update the information on this web page.