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The Ministry of Finance has two offices in Helsinki, Snellmaninkatu 1 and Mariankatu 9. The Ministry's meeting centre is at Mariankatu 9.

Of the departments of the Ministry of Finance, the ministers and their staff, the senior management of the Ministry, the Secretariat for International Affairs and the Government financial controller's operational unit operate at the Government Palace in Snellmaninkatu 1. The economic policy departments, meaning the Budget Department, the Economics Department, the Financial Markets Department and the Tax Department, operate at the Government Palace.

The departments of administrative policy, meaning the Personnel and Governance Policy Department, the Department for Local Government and Regional Administration, the Public Sector ICT operational unit and Administrative Governance and Development as well as communications operate in Mariankatu 9.  

Ministry of Finance
Snellmaninkatu 1 A, Helsinki

The switchboard number for the Ministry of Finance is +358 295 16001.

E-mail valtiovarainministerio(at)
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