The Ministry as a workplace

The Ministry of Finance is one of 12 government ministries in Finland. Our vision is to establish a solid foundation for the economic prosperity and wellbeing of coming generations. The core of our strategy can be succinctly stated: the Ministry of Finance seeks to ensure a secure future.

There are two ministerial positions at the Ministry of Finance, namely the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Local Government and Public Reforms. The Ministry is tasked with establishing, overseeing and reforming the operating framework for public finances and public governance. Our strategic goals are as follows

  • We ensure the stability of general government finances and make public administration more efficient, effective and adaptable.   
  • We build the foundation for sustainable economic growth.
  • We work towards a people-oriented digital transformation and the better utilisation of data in society.
  • We create rules that maintain confidence in the stability, efficiency and fairness of the financial markets

The Ministry produces the Government's Budget each year, prepares the Government’s economic and fiscal policy, and provides expertise in tax policy. We are also responsible for the preparation of financial markets policy and for shaping local government legislation and local government finances. We prepare principles for improved public governance, develop systems for managing central government finances, and set the direction for digital practices and services in the government sector. The Ministry’s broad range of responsibilities also includes human resources policy and central government employer policy.

We engage extensively in international collaboration. This includes participation in the work of the European Union and many international organisations and financial institutions.

We work together

The Ministry employs approximately 420 people. We work together as a coherent unit. We focus especially on leadership, interaction and skills. Our aim at the Ministry is to assemble the best expertise, with people who are united by a desire to move forward professionally, an ability to build and shape the future, and a will to succeed in the challenges ahead. We have a well-earned reputation for the depth and breadth of our expertise. A high proportion of our personnel work in various specialist roles.

If you join us, we will make every effort to ensure you succeed in your work. A skilled and prospering staff represents the Ministry’s most important resource.

  • The Ministry manages and leads in a responsible and clear manner. We place trust in each other, we delegate responsibilities and we meet our responsibilities and commitments.
  • We devote sufficient time to management and leadership. We provide training and the framework for achieving results, which means our expectations are high. We interact, we share experiences and we aim to improve the way we do things.
  • Through active engagement we build trust and ensure our voice is heard: we work together and openly.
  • Our communication is two-way and strategy-based, and we aim for productive interaction in all situations, including digital channels.
  • All employees have a responsibility for internal and external communication relating to their own field of work. The Ministry is well-equipped to communicate on matters with the minimum of delay.
  • We have a wide range of expertise that is up to date and of the highest standard, and we require knowledge and skills of the greatest breadth and depth.
  • We take responsibility for developing our own expertise and professional skills. As well as special expertise in different subject areas, we also look for work management skills, such as self-direction, networking, communication skills, opinion-shaping and interaction skills, as well as experience of project work.

Job openings