The Ministry as a workplace

The Ministry of Finance employs approximately 360 people. Their average age is 47 years, and three fourths of the personnel have completed a higher university degree.

Our most important resource is our competent, prospering personnel. We ensure that all of our new employees are integrated into their work community, their tasks and the organisation with the help of unified orientation practices.

We continuously invest in developing the personnel's competence with the development needs of the Ministry and the personnel as the starting point. We offer opportunities for developing both basic competence as well as professional competence through training and on-the-job learning. We also encourage our personnel in mobility within Finland and abroad.

We support the personnel's well-being and the functioning of the work community with the help of different development projects and practices supporting well-being at work. We also support balancing work and private life.

Our pay system is based on how challenging the task is, as well as personal performance. The goal of the pay system is to support the effective operation of the ministry and its operational units, to improve the Ministry's competitiveness as an employer, to encourage the personnel to perform even better at work and to develop and improve the management and the work of the managers.

Job openings:

Job openings at the Ministry of Finance