Project to implement the reformed eIDAS Regulation nationally

In recent years, the EU has been working on common legislation for a European Digital Identity Wallet. On 29 February 2024, the European Parliament voted to reform the eIDAS Regulation, and the Council of the EU adopted the Regulation on 26 March 2024. A key obligation of the reformed eIDAS Regulation is that Member States must offer a wallet application that meets the require-ments of the Regulation in 2026 at the latest. Member States must also implement certain other services relating to digital identity wallets.

The Ministry of Finance will coordinate the fulfilment of the obligations of the reformed Regula-tion and the related preparatory work in Finland. To this end, the Ministry of Finance has launched a project to implement the objectives of the reformed eIDAS Regulation. The project term is 26 April 2024–31 December 2026. The Ministry of Finance's project is tasked with guiding the im-plementation of a national digital identity wallet within the time limit set by EU legislation. The national project will lead to the creation of a digital identity wallet in Finland. It will be possible to use this wallet to access service in Finland and the rest of the EU.

Based on a market survey of wallet providers conducted by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry has decided that the national wallet application will be produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. This will ensure that Finland meets the obligations set by the reformed eI-DAS Regulation by the set deadline. 

The eIDAS Regulation does not limit the number of wallet applications that can be offered in each Member State. This means that private sector operators will be able to develop wallet applications that meet the requirements of the Regulation and offer them in Finland. The private sector’s desire for cooperation and open communication will be taken into consideration in the development of wallet applications and in other implementing measures.


Alexandra Hacklin, Program Manager, tel. +358 295 259, [email protected]

Anna-Riikka Pouttu, Specialist, tel. +358 295 057, [email protected]