Cooperation between municipalities and wellbeing services counties

Wellbeing services counties and municipalities share residents and need to cooperate in many ways to provide services to residents. They also have common duties, such as 

  • promotion of health and wellbeing 
  • building the vitality of the area, and 
  • responsibility for the area’s economic sustainability. 

Counties and municipalities also need to cooperate with respect to the premises they use. At least during the first years of operation of the wellbeing services counties, many of the services provided by the counties will be provided in rented premises owned by municipalities.

Wellbeing services counties and municipalities have a great deal of freedom to agree how to cooperate and how to develop their practices. 

When we talk about interfaces between wellbeing services counties and municipalities, we are referring to this cooperation. These interfaces are duties that, if they are to be implemented in a resident- and customer-oriented manner, require joint objectives, jointly agreed procedures and a good flow of information between counties and municipalities. For example, counties and municipalities need to cooperate effectively in order to implement services for children and families and service packages supporting work ability and functional capacity.

Provisions on negotiations concerning cooperation between wellbeing services counties and municipalities are laid down in law. A wellbeing services county and the municipalities in its area must negotiate at least once every council term on matters relating to their duties, such as services that meet the residents’ requirements, the promotion of wellbeing, the interoperability of information systems, and structures and models required for cooperation. 

Many special acts also contain cooperation obligations that apply to wellbeing services counties and municipalities.


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