Economic forecasts

The Economics Department at the Ministry of Finance publishes economic forecasts four times a year: in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In summer and winter, Economic Surveys provide a concise outlook for the immediate future, while in spring and autumn Economic Surveys provide a broader and more detailed analysis of the existing economic situation and outlook. In addition to the short-term economic outlook, the Economic Surveys also provide a medium term estimate of development. The Economic Survey published in the spring is used as background material in formulating the decisions on spending limits, while that published in the autumn provides background for the next year's budget proposal.

The forecasts and analyses of the Economics Department concerning economic development are based on the expertise of persons responsible for specific sectors and several modern tools. Among these tools is the Kooma model, a neo-Keynesian general equilibrium model used to conduct policy analyses and background assessments for forecasts.

The latest publications of the Ministry of Finance can be found on the webpage Publications.

Contact information:

Mikko Spolander, Director General,  Economics Department, tel. +358 295 530 006, mikko.spolander(at)