Proactive governance through anticipatory innovation

OECD published its interim report in September 2021.

Report: Towards an anticipatory innovation governance model in Finland

Challenges in society cannot be addressed only through reactive and conventional measures, as these are often slow, labour-intensive and costly. Neither can this approach alone resolve complex and thorny issues. Societies, systems, organisations and individuals are nowadays more intertwined and interdependent than ever. This is intensified by the rapid and continuous growth in information flows. 

To boost resilience in society and support systemic change, it is important that measures taken by different parties have a wide impact on steps taken by others. In governance, ever greater importance is attached to shared information and constant situation awareness, but a wider selection of tools for these is needed. Cooperation and the pursuit of common objectives relies on first recognising the interdependence involved. 

Anticipatory innovation governance and supporting systemic change in society is a project to enhance the ability of government in Finland to shape, build and implement transformative change, reform policies and strategies. The goal is to ensure an integrated approach that brings consistency among cross-sectoral objectives and actions. 

During the project, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will use EU funding to produce the following for Finland: 

  1. an analysis of the current situation and the need for change 
  2. an external analysis of the core elements of systemic change 
  3. a survey of awareness and expertise regarding systemic change and the potential it offers 
  4. an outline of a new model – the components incorporated, and the implications for the current system. 

The aim is that the model would be adaptable and could also be utilised by other countries.

A dynamic governance model will be established which:

  1. has innovation at its core,
  2. enables efficient governance of transformative change, and
  3. incorporates anticipation as a fundamental aspect. 

Further information

Material for the kick-off event on Friday 28 August 2020 

The Observatory for Public Sector Innovation
(in charge of the work at the OECD)  

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