Working hours 

Central government has three forms of working hours: office, weekly and averaged over a period, as agreed in the collective agreement on working hours for government employees. Government agencies may have other working time arrangements intended for specific activities. Usually the Working Hours Act (872/2019) also applies to central government employees. However, some employees, such as judges in the court system, are completely outside the scope of working hours regulations. 

Office working hours 

Office working hours apply in ministries and in specialist and administrative roles at government agencies. The regular working hours are 7 hours 15 minutes a day or 36 hours 15 minutes a week. Working hours are usually based on the agency’s opening hours, which are from Monday to Friday 8.00–16.15. Flexitime and other flexible working arrangements are widely in place, enabling employees to decide, within certain limits, when to start and end work and to make other decisions. 

Weekly working hours 

Other professionals at government agencies follow weekly working hours, where the daily regular working hours vary from 6 hours 15 minutes to 8 hours, so that the weekly regular working hours are 38 hours 15 minutes. 

Working hours averaged over a period 

Period-based hours apply in roles requiring 24-hour availability every day of the week, such as in police work. In period-based work, the regular working hours have been set at 114 hours 45 minutes over a three-week period. The daily and weekly working hours and times are given in the personnel scheduling system. 

Working hours bank 

The working hours bank can be used for all types of working hours. Employees collect working hours or monetary benefits exchanged for leave, which can then be taken as leave. The introduction and details of a working time bank are agreed locally by the government agencies, taking into account the provisions of the collective agreement on working hours for government employees. 

Remote work 

Employees can work remotely it is compatible with the nature and tasks of their role.  

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