Ministerial working group: Reliability of central government premises in emergencies to be developed

24.1.2023 13.37
Developing the Digital Transformation, the Data Economy and Public Administration
The development of premises used by central government authorities is being continued. The aim is to increase the security and reliability of properties used by authorities.

Strong economic growth to fade into recession

20.12.2022 12.03
Finland’s gross domestic product began a slight decline in the autumn, and weak economic development is expected to continue over the winter according to the Economic Survey published by the Ministry of Finance on 20 December.

OECD publishes Economic Survey of Finland

15.12.2022 12.00
In its latest Economic Survey of Finland, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) assesses the Finnish economy. The OECD also presents recommendations for Finland’s economic and structural policy.

Ministry of Finance Strategy on Climate and Nature paves the way to a cleaner, thriving Finland

13.12.2022 13.05
The Strategy on Climate and Nature clarifies the Ministry of Finance’s approach to and role in the preparation of climate and nature policies and the related influencing activities. The Ministry takes a cross-sectoral approach and uses the economic and administrative policy instruments available to it when seeking solutions.

Ministry of Finance outlook review: ‘An innovative and sustainable Finland’
General government finances must be strengthened by at least nine billion euros over the next two parliamentary terms in order to safeguard the prosperity of future generations

8.12.2022 14.00
The outlook review by officials at the Ministry of Finance highlights measures to improve conditions for prosperity, return general government finances to a sustainable footing, reform public administration and services, and implement the green transition effectively. Corrective action must be taken quickly.


Budget Review 2023

The Budget Review summarizes the central elements of the Government's budget proposal for 2023.

Budget Review 2023

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

The Finnish economy will grow by 1,7 per cent in 2022, 0,5 per cent in 2023 and 1,4 per cent in 2024.

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

Outlook review

This outlook review by officials at the Ministry of Finance looks at the starting points for economic and governance policy for the upcoming parliamentary term.

Outlook review "An innovative and sustainable Finland"

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry is tasked with establishing, overseeing and reforming the operating framework for public finances and public governance. Our vision is to establish a solid foundation for the economic prosperity and wellbeing of coming generations.

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Administrative branch

Administrative branch

The Ministry of Finance's administrative branch employs over 12,000 people, most of whom work for the tax and customs administrations.

The Ministry of Finance's administrative branch


Annika Saarikko
Annika Saarikko
Minister of Finance
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Sirpa Paatero
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