Finland and Estonia agree on electronic exchange of population data

21.9.2022 15.20
Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero and Estonia's Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets.
Estonia's Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets and Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero
Finland and Estonia have signed a treaty on the exchange of population data. The treaty deepens digital cooperation between the countries.

Moderate outlook for economic growth

19.9.2022 11.01
Accelerating inflation is slowing economic growth. Finland’s gross domestic product will grow by 0.5% next year, according to the Economic Survey published by the Ministry of Finance on 19 September. 

How do we guide Finland forward in the midst of global uncertainty? Ministries’ futures review provides tools for decision-makers

12.9.2022 10.02
The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and accelerating climate change have led to a situation in Finland and globally where the future seems rather uncertain. In the midst of uncertainty, decision-making is difficult. Finland will hold parliamentary elections in spring 2023, and the new Government Programme will outline policies for the next few years.

Supplementary budget proposal to secure the effective functioning of the electricity market

5.9.2022 11.27
The Government is proposing a EUR 10 billion loan and guarantee scheme for the energy sector. The aim is to ensure that energy companies can function through the current exceptional situation and to secure the effective functioning of the electricity market.

Government budget proposal for 2023

30.8.2022 13.32

The budget proposal for 2023 of Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Government builds sustainable growth for the future, secures purchasing power and assists people with the hike in electricity prices.


Budget Review 2023

The Budget Review summarizes the central elements of the Government's budget proposal for 2023.

Budget Review 2023

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

The Finnish economy will grow by 1,7 per cent in 2022, 0,5 per cent in 2023 and 1,4 per cent in 2024.

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance

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Administrative branch

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Annika Saarikko
Annika Saarikko
Minister of Finance
Sirpa Paatero
Sirpa Paatero
Minister of Local Government