Ministry of Finance outlook review: ‘An innovative and sustainable Finland’
General government finances must be strengthened by at least nine billion euros over the next two parliamentary terms in order to safeguard the prosperity of future generations

8.12.2022 14.00
The outlook review by officials at the Ministry of Finance highlights measures to improve conditions for prosperity, return general government finances to a sustainable footing, reform public administration and services, and implement the green transition effectively. Corrective action must be taken quickly.

IMF presented its review of the Finnish economy

17.11.2022 10.06
The International Monetary Fund published its statement on the Finnish economy on Thursday 17 November.

Government report on the digital compass sets the course for Finland’s digital transformation

20.10.2022 14.15
The Government session on 20 October discussed the report on Finland’s digital compass. Finland's digital compass is a national strategic roadmap extending to 2030 that provides an overview of Finland's digital transformation and provides the direction for national development work.

Ministerial working group endorses energy saving programme in government premises

5.10.2022 17.55
Developing the Digital Transformation, the Data Economy and Public Administration
The central government will implement an extensive energy saving programme in its premises with the aim to help Finland overcome the current challenging energy situation. The Ministerial working group on developing the digital transformation, the data economy and public administration discussed the matter on 5 October. Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero fully took over as chair of the ministerial working group for the remainder of the government term.

Finland ranked second in the UN E-Government Survey

30.9.2022 11.24
Picture of a building and a clear blue sky with some clouds drifting
Finland ranked second in the UN E-Government Survey, which is published every second year and was now conducted for the twelfth time. This is Finland’s highest ever ranking. Denmark ranked first in the survey and South Korea third. The survey covers 193 countries.


Budget Review 2023

The Budget Review summarizes the central elements of the Government's budget proposal for 2023.

Budget Review 2023

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

The Finnish economy will grow by 1,7 per cent in 2022, 0,5 per cent in 2023 and 1,4 per cent in 2024.

Economic Survey, Autumn 2022

Outlook review

This outlook review by officials at the Ministry of Finance looks at the starting points for economic and governance policy for the upcoming parliamentary term.

Outlook review "An innovative and sustainable Finland"

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Ministry of Finance

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Administrative branch

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Annika Saarikko
Annika Saarikko
Minister of Finance
Sirpa Paatero
Sirpa Paatero
Minister of Local Government