Public Sector ICT

The Ministry of Finance steers public sector information management, structural development, and joint services and service provision. It also steers the general criteria for information security, prepares information and administrative policies and develops digital administration. Each ministry steers the development of information management and related projects in its own administrative branch.

The Public Sector ICT Department provides preconditions for the digitalisation of the public sector and sets a strong example. This is done by digitalising public sector services, promoting interoperability across administration and enabling the security of authorities’ activities.

  • Digitalisation »

    Digital services and e-services provide citizens, businesses and communities with improved access to public sector services regardless of time and place,

  • Information management and policy »

    Information management and digital administration practices, together with legislation, enable the efficient use of information in public services.

  • Information security and cybersecurity »

    The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the steering and development of the state's information security.

  • International cooperation on digitalisation and ICT »

    The Public Sector ICT Department of the Ministry of Finance takes actively part in the work of international organisations, exerts its influence on their programmes and makes use of them in the development of administration in Finland.

  • Coordination group for digitalisation »

    The coordination group for digitalisation serves as a single point of contact for citizens and stakeholders in matters related to the data, digital and information policy sector.

  • Information management board »

    The Information Management Board is not a general authority for information management; its tasks are related to the Act on Public Administration Information Management.