Working for Finland – Central Government Human Resources Strategy 2030 

The Central Government Human Resources Strategy provides a common vision and goals to guide development in the coming years. Our strategic goals are linked to the central government’s shared values, operating culture, management and human resources policy. The strategy will implement the objectives of the Government Programme. Minister of Local and Regional Government Anna-Kaisa Ikonen approved the Central Government Human Resources Strategy. The ministerial working group on social transformation also gave the strategy its support on 30 January 2024. 

Implementing the Human Resources Strategy together 

We drew up the Human Resources Strategy together, and we will implement it together. All government employees implement the goals and actions of the strategy in their own roles as specialists, supervisors and managers.

The strategy is divided into three action periods during which actions will be taken on the central government and operating unit levels to achieve the goals of the strategy. The achievement of goals and the implementation of individual actions will be monitored, for example, through performance guidance, as part of the management of agencies and in the Government HR Management Forum.

Read more and join the work

The material on the strategy has been divided into two parts. The first is a short PDF document detailing the goals of the Human Resources Strategy. The second is an appendix focused on the concrete work to be undertaken in each action period. It also includes pages on the work agencies are doing to implement their own strategies. 

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