Task and objectives

Drawing of factors driving change in the Ministry of Finance's operating environment. The drawing consists of four parts. The first is an empty playground. The second is an adult and a child on a video call with another adult. The third is a person in an urban landscape. Behind the person is a metro, high-rise buildings and a block of flats with solar panels on the roof. The fourth is a wind turbine by the water. Behind the wind turbine is a factory, a cargo ship on the water and a bird flying in the sky.

We ensure that Finland remains a stable and sustainable society for future generations. We ensure the stability of general government finances and the financial markets and create the foundation for sustainable growth. We work to create good governance and functioning public services.

Our vision     

The Ministry of Finance secures future prospects.

Our strategic goal 

We ensure that future generations will have financial freedom of choice in a prosperous state governed by the rule of law. We work to build an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable Finland and European Union. 

Our strategic tasks 

  • We ensure the stability of general government finances and make public administration more efficient, effective and adaptable.   
  • We build the foundation for sustainable economic growth.
  • We work towards a people-oriented digital transformation and the better utilisation of data in society.
  • We create rules that maintain confidence in the stability, efficiency and fairness of the financial markets. 


Our values are openness, trust and responsibility

How we work

  • We take a solution-oriented and cooperative approach to our work.
  • We bring together different perspectives and seek sustainable and effective solutions.  
  • We promote the use of data and decision-making that is based on up-to-date information.
  • We use our influence in Finland, the EU and international organisations.
  • We value our skilled personnel.

Changes in our operating environment

  • Climate change and biodiversity loss            
  • Technology and the digital transformation                
  • Regional disparities, urbanisation
  • Demographic change                  
  • Change in public speech, participation of citizens 
  • Data and the data economy
  • Impact of geopolitics on the economy
  • Transformation of work
  • Immigration and migration 

Strategy 2030: The Ministry of Finance secures future prospects

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