Additional funding available to secure services

Wellbeing services counties have the opportunity and right to receive additional funding from the central government if the funding of an individual county is insufficient to produce services and the statutory fundamental rights of its residents are at risk. 

Additional funding can be granted based on an application by the county or on the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health or Ministry of the Interior. Counties can apply for additional funding at any time. 

A decision granting additional funding can include conditions concerning the effectiveness, quality, quantity or efficiency of services. 

Additional funding will not increase the receiving county’s funding for the next year. Additional funding also will not directly affect funding on the national level for the next year. However, the actual costs of the county will be taken into account in the ex-post control of costs.
Repeated use of additional funding (twice during three consecutive financial periods) could lead to the county being subjected to an assessment procedure.


Pasi Leppänen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. 02955 30564, pasi.leppanen(at)
Ville Salonen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, tel. 02955 30388, ville.salonen(at)