Financial markets

The Financial Markets Department of the Ministry of Finance creates the rules for financial markets and strengthens the framework in which the markets can operate. The goal is stable, efficient and equitable operation of the financial markets that the citizens can trust in all circumstances. The Ministry of Finance is also responsible for ensuring that the Ministry's national and international activities in financing issues are effective and valued.

  • Regulation of financial markets »

    Well-operating financial markets are key to economic development.

  • Stability and supervision »

    The Ministry of Finance promotes the stable, effective operation of financial markets in cooperation with other authorities.

  • Government financial policy »

    The Ministry of Finance prepares the general operating principles related to government borrowing, cash management and the risk management associated with these.

  • Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing »

    The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the regulations issued and the national risk assessment of money laundering. The Ministry of Finance is also responsible for coordinating the international instructions and regulations on money laundering issued on the national level.

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New financial technologies (FinTech)

The Ministry of Finance monitors and enhances the conditions in which financial services technologies can evolve.

New financial technologies (FinTech)