Government as employer

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for public governance development and human resources management at central government level. At the close of 2021, the ministries, agencies and other bodies covered by the Budget employed a total of about 78,000 people. 

The Ministry’s Public Governance Department is responsible for developing public governance systems and practices within central government. The Department provides support for government agencies in management development and in personnel development, and it drafts legislation concerning public officials in central government and concerning their terms of employment. It also promotes the competitiveness of central government as an employer. In addition, the Department prepares matters related to the real estate assets of central government and concerning the management of government procurement.  

The Office for the Government as Employer represents the Government as an employer in collective agreement negotiations, covering the entire labour market, as well as in the preparatory work for such negotiations. It concludes central-level collective agreements in central government and supports and directs agencies in their capacity as employers and in regard to agreements. It also represents the interests of the Government as an employer.