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Ministry of Finance offered its employees the opportunity to share their expertise for the benefit of society

Ministry of Finance
Publication date 2.1.2020 11.15
Press release
The group photo of people who participated in Business Lead training programme.

This year, the Ministry of Finance has participated in the Business Lead training programme organised by Hanken & SSE Executive Education, which aims to provide a channel to Finnish working life for highly educated immigrants and refugees. Public officials at the Ministry have acted as mentors in the programme. Both mentors and mentees have learnt and gained enjoyment from the programme.

Supporting employment levels becomes even more important as the working-age population in Finland contracts. Finland is not yet using the full potential offered by the expertise of skilled people coming from elsewhere. It is therefore important that there are various programmes for introducing people to Finnish working life.

The Business Lead training programme, organised by Hanken & SSE Executive Education, serves as a bridge to working life. In addition to mentoring, the programme includes business studies, online studying and a three-month traineeship.

Learning for all parties

Around ten public officials from the Ministry of Finance have participated in the programme and have acted as mentors for groups of three to four people. There have been about forty immigrants and refugees to mentor. Thomas Sund, Communications Director at the Ministry of Finance, became interested in becoming a mentor as soon as the employer launched the voluntary project for its employees.

"It would have been hard to miss the opportunity. Doing voluntary work alongside other duties has been a rewarding experience for the public officials acting as mentors,” Sund says.

The work has been very practical in helping trainees to integrate into Finnish society and working life.

“At the Ministry of Finance we want to establish a framework for employment growth, so we have been really at the very core of the Ministry’s strategy. Mentors have acted as sparring partners and kinds of specialists and advisers in Finnish working life. For example, career plans and job seeking have been discussed in the meetings,” Sund clarifies.

The results are already visible: Eight of the participants in the programme have already been employed. In addition, work plans are likely to continue for many of the participants in the programme.

The Business Lead programme is part of the Integration SIB (Social Impact Bond) project implemented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. You can find more information about the Business Lead programme on the Hanken & SSE website.


Thomas Sund, Communications Director (deputy), tel. +358 29 5530 516, thomas.sund(at)

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