Occupational health care 

Occupational health care promotes health and safety at work and in the working environment,
prevention of work-related diseases and workplace accidents, functioning of the work unit, and
employees’ health and ability to work. 

The employer is obliged to provide occupational health care for employees. Preventive statutory occupational health care prevents and combats work-related health risks and hazards as well as work-related and occupational diseases. 

Further provisions on medical care for central government employees as part of occupational health care are laid down in a Ministry of Finance Regulation of 30 September 2016 on occupational health care for central government employees. The Regulation emphasises the activities of statutory preventive occupational health care, and cooperation between the workplace and the occupational health care service provider in identifying and combating physical and mental stress factors related to work and working conditions. 

Cooperation in occupational health care 

In order to improve the efficiency of cooperation between government agencies in occupational health care, a support package “Client Agencies Cooperating in Occupational Health Care – To-wards effective client action” has been drawn up for the agencies. The material describes three areas of interest and ten steps towards more effective cooperation in occupational health care from the perspective of a client agency. 

The material was produced by a working group with government agency experts in cooperation in occupational health care. The Ministry of Finance and the State Treasury were the coordinating parties. The material is intended for internal use by the agencies to support their cooperation in occupational health care. 

Occupational health care services 2018–2024

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