Agency-level collective bargaining 

In a broad sense, agency-level collective bargaining in central government refers to intra-agency collective agreements. Within the framework of central-level collective agreements and on the basis of the authorisations they provide, government agencies can agree on their individual pay systems and on how the systems should be developed, as well as on certain other terms and conditions of employment. This collective bargaining takes place through intra-agency collective agreements for public officials and employees. Agencies may also use collective agreements to agree on certain matters directly, with an authorisation given in sectoral legislation such as the Working Hours Act (605/1996). 

In addition, agencies can locally conclude agreements that are not intra-agency collective agreements for public officials or employees. Such agreements between employers and local union representatives may be based either on a central-level collective agreements or on sectoral legislation. The most common local agreements are based on the collective agreement on working hours for government employees and concern working hours banks.

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